Ministry & Missions

There have been two things near and dear to my heart since I was a young teen, missions and cancer patients. I’ve started collecting gift bags and goodies to put inside them. I’m calling them warrior blessing bags and they will go to adults and also children fighting cancer. I’m purchasing what I can for the bags but on our one income it will challenging to make this ministry bigger. If anyone would like to help me with this ministry by way of financial contributions or donations of goodies to put inside the bags, I would greatly appreciate it! Please contact me! Or if you know someone fighting cancer who would be blessed to receive a bag, please let me know. The more help I get the more I can bless those fighting cancer.

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Second is missions related. For as long as I can remember missions has tugged at my heart. As a young teen I remember attending a concert done by a missionary who had returned from Africa. I was SO scared that God was gonna send me there.
As the years have gone by my love for missions and heart to help those who area hurting has only grown bigger. I desperately want to be Messiah’s hands and feet here on earth. I want to impact the lives of others less fortunate than me. But how can I do that? Living on one income (a very low one for the United States at that) has often left me feeling like I can’t do anything.
A few years ago we began to sponsor a young orphan boy from Rwanda named Oliver. The children have loved sending and receiving letters from him but still we want to do more.

We have SO much compared to Oliver and his friends. How could we help more? I can’t take a plane to a foreign country and serve cause I have three children to take care of and no money for plane tickets. What can I do? Do you have any ideas to share? One person can make an impact but together we can make a difference!